Hey Hey Hey! I’m Ginger Nicole.

Cosmic QUEEN, Author, Creative Energy Hacker + Intuitive Pathfinder.
Creator of the LIFT Method™
I help Creative Empaths discover their Source Signature™ to HEAL, remove blocks, and hack their inner codes…activate, navigate and illuminate YOUR divinely gifted creation energy + burn “realistic” to the ground.

I also happen to be a mom to a super spirited, empathic, creative 5 year old little gal, who gives mama a run for her money in the most amazing, inspiring and adorable (yet frustrating) way.
I am also not opposed to cats…because they’re natural badasses.
My super special secret talent is reading + tapping to intuitive + chakra energy to find creative blocks in energy flow.

Yep…I’m magical like that.

I’m also really good at stripping away BS, keepin’ it real + taking very woo concepts and making them super practical.


I serve, speak and write for Creatives (note the capital letter, for importance and emphasis!), both traditional and non-traditional. What does that mean exactly? That means I serve, with my glittery heart, those who self-identify as Creatives (likely artists, musicians, writers, dancers, unicorns of all shapes and sizes, etc..), and those who may NOT self-identify as Creatives in the traditional sense, but have always thought of themselves as being outside of the proverbial box. More importantly though, I serve Creatives who are Spirit Cravers…those who know there is MORE to reality than meets the eye, who have been afraid to step into their creativity fully (or have been seriously doubting themselves and their abilities, purpose + where to start), who know that the there is some kind of code to crack that will light them on fire, who are ready to step out of the Matrix and discover their superpowers. I help these amazing explorers to activate, navigate and operate their creative energy through intuitive alignment (aka…getting your external stuff lined up with your internal stuff: physically, mentally + spiritually)! Who’s SICK TO DEATH of the “Reality Monster” getting you down? If you ready to break free, rise up, reclaim your creative energy to kick some serious ass for yourself and the planet, you are my people.

Because really, that’s why we are here.
…this is a call to arms!



Ginger is a Master Certified Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Master, Natural Intuitive and kick-ass interpreter of Cosmic Codes™. She holds a B.S. in Psychology and an M.Ed. in Teaching + Learning for Education. Through her educational training, life experiences, and magical approach to life in general, she combines principles of human learning modalities, Jungian archetypes, personality theory, positive psychology, intuiting, astrology, numerology, enneagram and human design functionality, and the Turetsky chakra model to provide a one-of-a-kind, SoulPrint™, a literal map of your spiritual DNA, that will allow you to discover, activate, navigateand LIGHT UP your natural + cosmic awesomeness. She offers 1:1 and groups coaching, individual card readings, groups challenges + online learning opportunities. Ginger believes in a whole-person, root-cause, balanced and uniquely aligned approach to wellness and spirituality in the form of mind, body, spirit connection and personal development through self-exploration. Ginger is also a partner, mother, creative, writer, speaker, human jukebox, artist, empath, mindset alchemist + intuitive pathfinder who weaves fun, simplicity and humor (and a little sparkle) into everything she does.