Hi! I’m Ginger Nicole Baker.

I am a bad-ass sparkly creative unicorn that broke free of mental and emotional bondage, shattered expectations and rewrote my personal story to completely transform…

Mind + Body + Spirit

…to create the life of my dreams!

Real Nourishment. Intentional Movement. Mindset Shifting. Intuitive Alignment. Awakened Authenticity. Radical Self-Love. Cultivated Curiosity + Creativity.


~Transformational Wellness~


I am PASSIONATE about helping fellow Creatives who are ready to stop just “surviving” and start THRIVING…

I want to help you live OUT LOUD, to invite more health, happiness + clarity into your life, & CREATE a life of WONDER!

You do NOT have to conform. You do NOT have to stay stuck. 

You CAN create the life that you want…and you CAN create the world that you want to live in.You can rewrite your story. You can break free.

You can shake that booty, throw that glitter + dance on the table…because life is about to get LIT UP. 

You ready to do some EPIC SH*T?



Ginger is a Master Certified Holistic Health Coach for Creatives. She holds a B.S. in Psychology and an M.Ed. in Teaching + Learning for Education. Through her educational training, life experiences, and magical approach to life in general, she combines principles of human learning modalities, Jungian archetypes, personality theory, positive psychology, intuiting, and the Turetsky chakra model to provide a one-of-a-kind, choose your own adventure style coaching program for Creatives to embrace their unique brand of AWESOME and create the life of their dreams. She offers 1:1 and groups coaching, individual card readings, groups challenges + online learning opportunities. Ginger believes in a whole-person, root-cause, balanced and uniquely aligned approach to wellness in the form of mind, body spirit connection and personal development through self-exploration. Ginger is also a wife, mother, creative, blogger (she has also been featured at BeboMia) a human jukebox (seriously…ask her about music and she will never shut up), an empath, mindset alchemist + intuitive pathfinder who weaves fun, simplicity and humor (and a little sparkle) into everything she does.