New Moon January 2019 ~ Creation, Optimism + Dreams –> Reality

Hey hey hey...what's this? Two posts in two days? I know, right? LOL But it was IMPERATIVE because HELLO....A New Moon in Capricorn, combined with a Partial Solar Eclipse (which ALWAYS means change of some kind, and intensity as well) is coming TOMORROW: January 5, 2019... so there's that. Nothing like kicking off January and… Continue reading New Moon January 2019 ~ Creation, Optimism + Dreams –> Reality

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Back to Creation Energy <3

Hey there beautiful #CosmicCreators! It's a BRAND NEW YEAR, and if you are anything like me, you were MORE than ready to say #ByeFelicia to 2018!!! Fracking 2018, man. It BLEW. And ya know why? Because it was an awakening year. That's right y'all...that 11 was STRONG AS FUCK. 11 is a master number in… Continue reading Back to Creation Energy ❤

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Full Moon in Cancer ~ Yummy Vibes, Cozy Emotions, Happy Surprises

Lovely Moonchildren and Cosmic Creators! It is that time again for our lady moon to reveal her splendor in the final Full Moon of 2018, and given that this entire year has been a gigantic FUCK YOU from the universe to all our outdated ego-based bullshit, and has made most of our lives a's… Continue reading Full Moon in Cancer ~ Yummy Vibes, Cozy Emotions, Happy Surprises

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Age, Time + Creative Youth

I am 33 years old. I grew up in an age where technology was recording the top 40 from the radio on your boombox and being super proud when you could cut the song without chopping off the end. I was thrilled to play and CRUSH the first incarnation of Mario Kart on Super Nintendo… Continue reading Age, Time + Creative Youth

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Stress + The Creative: You Don’t Have To Struggle

Did you know that STRESS is a major killer of creativity? It took me so long to realize this! I was one of those creatives (AKA, all of us, LOL) that bought into the idea that procrastination and stress were necessary for me to produce my best work. As creatives, we tend to cling to… Continue reading Stress + The Creative: You Don’t Have To Struggle

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Be Your Own Valentine: Learning to Love Yourself

This is not going to be one of those posts that emphatically waves its hands in the air and calls you to stop everything and love yourself first. That's silly. Love, by its very nature, requires you to think of others first. That being said, though...this IS one of those posts that is going to emphasize the importance of loving yourself TOO.

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8 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Unicorn

We are each uniquely created in our own special way, and not one other person on the planet is exactly like me or you. You have your own one-of-a-kind strengths, weaknesses, pet peeves, personality traits, character, likes, dislikes, desires, dreams, hopes, fears, attitudes, experiences, preferences, beliefs and a worldview that allows you to experience and influence the world in a way that no other person has been or will ever be able to again. friend...are a unicorn. Learn how to tap into that potential!