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I Got The Magic in Me

Oh hi there! I’m Ginger and I have a MEGA WATT LOVE for the healing power of crystals. Just Sayin’.
I personally utilize crystals in my own personal soul and self care, in the care of my family, my home, my spiritual practice, and my work.

Lots of people give me a bunch of new agey gobbledygook about how crystals are nothing but hocus pocus placebo blah blahdey blah crap…but here’s the thing:

1. I have personally experienced their many benefits.
2. I have watched others personally experience their many benefits. Yes…even non-believers.
3. Everything is made of ENERGY. Literally everything vibes, bro.
And if every single things that exists, exists because it is energy (energy that has existed since the beginning of time, that can neither be created nor destroyed), and every material thing vibrates at a certain frequency dependent on color and type of material and chemical components, and WE (humans) are also made of energy, and every frequency interacts with and acts upon other matter and frequencies…
then it stands to reason that crystals (each type with their own unique frequency) would interact with and act upon the user (a human being, with their own natural and unique frequency) and their energy.
4. Even IF (and that would be a big gigantic IF in my book) they merely produce ONLY a placebo effect…what’s so wrong with a placebo effect? It still worked, didn’t it? Mind over matter, right? So in essence, that just proves another of my points, which is that you mind is POWERFUL and can do ANYTHING. So there.

Can we move on now?
I say yes.

Anywho…since I LOVE crystals, I will be blogging monthly about a crystal that will help to support the goals, energy and intentions of the month. YAY!

So today, I want to talk about a stone that I ADORE, not only for it’s amazing properties, but also because it’s freaking GORGEOUS:

Related image


This baby packs a seriously POWERFUL punch when it comes to MAGIC!
It’s a stone of awakening, intuition, psychic powers, spiritual gifts, protection from negative energy and is especially powerful when linked to moon rituals.
It helps to protect your aura, gives you a creative, visionary boost, can support lucid dreaming, prevents energy leaks, recharges your energy, and helps you connect more easily with your inner knowledge.
This stone works in conjunction with the higher chakras (throat, third eye + crown) and will help to support these chakras as well, especially the third eye.
It’s also a very supportive stone for Scorpios, Leos and Sagittarians.
It can increases synchronicity in your life, help you to release negative thought patterns relates to anxiety and depression, develop patience and intuitive wisdom, and support you in meditation.

This is absolutely a MUST HAVE stone for me, and I hope you check it out!

Love, Light + Creative Energy,


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