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New Moon in Taurus – May 2019

New Moons are all about NEW BEGINNINGS. Setting New Intentions for the month ahead, and for the Big Picture.

In May, our New Moon falls in the earth, grounded, and oh-so-chill (yet oh-so-stubborn) sign of Taurus. The moon likes it in Taurus. It’s CALM (for the most part) there and it’s SLOW. The world often demands that we move at the speed of light, and the moon itself moves speedily through most of the other signs of the zodiac but Taurus takes a bit longer and our lovely Luna likes this a lot.

It gives us all time to relax and notice all that there is to notice, and actually emotionally invest some time into our current state.

This tendency to slow down and NOTICE things also tends to get us noticing things we DON’T want to notice…such as insecurities. Being an earth sign, Taurus is linked to the Root Chakra, and insecurities often show up there. So this moon wants to ask us:
Where do you feel insecure?

What makes you feel all squirmy about yourself and your own abilities? What worries you most about your relationships with others? Where do you feel it in your body? Where do those feelings sit and manifest? What has you feeling “not good enough’?

When we struggle against the energy of Taurus, this negative self-bullying bullshit can take hold and rock us to our core.
When we can harness it, however…it allows us to slow down, process and take control of the moment with our full power, and WOW does that give us healing leverage.

So what are you holding on to that is holding you back?
When you are setting your intentions this New Moon, pay special attention to places where you feel stuck. Stuck is not’s temporary and changeable, so this New Moon, be sure to set intentions around you healing of insecurities that have kept you stuck, and push against your comfort zone a bit by setting goals that directly relate to things you HAVEN’T done because of those insecurities.

This particular moon, because it is also hanging with Uranus in Taurus as well, is going to give us some major clarity and grounding on setting new intentions and new beginnings. But in these new starts, it’s about understanding and taking our time to really “get” how it’s all flowing and working…to sleep on it, take the pause and emotionally invest in finding solutions and committing through curiosity and research. Is this really the best way? If it is, how to you make it functional in the best way?

New Moon Meditation:
Allow me to feel safe, secure, and stable from the inside out.
I know that I am wanted, needed, valued and enough.
The love I bring to the world will be, and always is, reflected like a mirror, in beautiful and surprising ways. 
I belong. I am capable. I AM.

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