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The High Priestess

Hello there May (well, in a few days anyway)!

Welcome to a new month and a chance to tap into your highest, most magical, intuitive and powerful self.

This month, I want to highlight a badass of the Tarot: Miss High Priestess herself.

The High Priestess rules her shit and pays literally NO mind to anyone else’s nonsense or opinions. The visceral definition of not giving a f*ck, she embodies the idea of inner power and the divine feminine, because she pays attention to her innate WISDOM.
She is card number 2 in the Major Arcana soul progression, which isn’t terribly high in the grand scheme of things, but this serves as a reminder that our intuition is actually ridiculously close to our 3D (earthly/temporal/material) existence. We tend to think of intuition as this separate entity or some magical thing that is somehow esoteric, spiritual and magical but really, it’s a MAJOR part of our REAL, here and now existence that we already HAVE. We don’t need to ask for this or develop it…we need to re-embrace it as part of who we ARE and actually shut up and LISTEN to it.

May is a beautiful time to tap into the Sacred Feminine aspects of yourself as well (and this is NOT exclusive to women). In May, we celebrate “May Day”/Beltane – The celebration of the bridge between spring and summer, the wonder of fertility, sensuality, femininity, and the FIRE that burns within us and brings life. This energy exists in both women AND men, and speaks to the creative passion, intuitive, healing, visionary, spiritual side of the self.

Because the HP taps you back into your Divine aspects, she also requires and suggests a certain passivity to her actions…a stillness…a reflective nature that allows for observation and internal micro-adjustment or realignment with your soul compass. She reminds us to follow our intuition with everything we’ve got, and while our other senses are important, this is where we really begin to see a shift from what IS in “reality” to what lies beyond “reality”…all the things that we CAN’T (or DON’T/WON’T) see beyond our 5 basic senses.

As we embrace all that May has to offer, embrace your inner knowing as well and allow answers to flow, powerfully and peacefully to your life.

Love, Light + Creative Energy,


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