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Mercury Retrograde in Pisces – March 5-28, 2019

Mercury retrograde is almost upon us gain and this year we get the joy of only having to deal with 3 of these buggers, so let’s throw out a gigantic WOOT WOOT for that!

This time around we are dealing with a full Pisces retrograde, and in fact, this year’s retrogrades will be dominated by water signs…falling in Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio respectively. This means we are in for a year of challenge, reflection and healing that will target our emotions, moving forward into our big dreams, using our intuition and accessing our Divine Feminine aspects (and YES DUDES…this includes y’all too. It’s called duality…look it up.) The occurrence in water signs across the board also signals a milder + more receptive version of upheaval that usually takes place during MRx, so prepare for most of the obstacles you face to occur INTERNALLY rather than externally. Empaths and water signs will be most affected and will likely see an increase in their susceptibility to mood invasion from the energy of others. Fire signs are likely to feel a bit “held hostage” by themselves, as water is their opposite element, and this is a good time to slow down, and take some time to reflect and rest. Earth signs are gonna need to learn to go with the flow or your get eaten alive by the waves. Finally, air signs will be the LEAST affected this year (congrats Gemini, Libra and Aquarius!!!) with the focus being on learning how to not to be so damn EXTRA all the time, so things will work out on their own.

This MRx is gonna feel like a bit of a jolt because it is coming of of this beautiful time period since the beginning of the year where ALL planets have been direct, so be prepared to feel a little jolt around the 5th but the super powerful and COOL AF thing is that this is probably the first and only time we will see ALL the planets direct, with only one planet (Mercury) going retrograde and then when it comes OUT of retrograde, STILL having ALL the planets direct. This is going to allow a major shift in ONE very crucial area of our lives, and that is in our foundations (Root chakra) related to our intuition and connection to our inner selves. Think of this MRx as an opportunity to enter the dream world for a moment and see your life from a different perspective or aspect for JUST long enough to make a pivot/adjustment and get yourself realigned. It’s honestly gonna be kind of like an out of body experience, where you will have to really pay attention to what is real and what is not.

We have been sitting in the preshadow now since February 19, so I hope you’ve been paying attention! The things that have surfaced or been issues for you, especially in terms of foundational stuff, family, communication, travel, etc…are SIGNALS for you of what themes will be showing up for you during MRx proper, and which things you may be being asked to re-examine from your pseudo-astrally-projected spirit.

BE FOREWARNED MY LOVES..there is ALSO a New Moon hitting us in Pisces as well on, you guessed it…March 5-6, so expect to feel a bit wonky on those days, because we are getting hit from all angles with Piscean energy, both forward and backward.

This means emotions will be HIGH, and you may feel weepy. You may also be receiving lots of universal downloads and intuitive dreams that may not totally make sense yet, but as Mercury goes Direct on the 28th and into postshadow, these will begin to come together for you. There are a whole host of other planetary and celestial things going on at the same time that gets fairly complicated and basically amounts to a pretty intense clusterfuck of emotions and communication barriers, but it’s not all bad. In particular, things may feel a bit heavy and uncertain and we would do well at the moment not to make any concrete plans, as this retrograde cycle may bring up new information that could change our course or reveal a truth about ourselves that could help us gain clarity on the bigger picture that we were previously missing.

Remember that MRx is ALWAYS about going within…into the shadow, the underworld, and spending time in reflection…re-evaluation. MRx is always working for us if we prepared to go with the flow and work WITH its energy, rather than resisting. Be open to the lessons that it has for you. The absolute best thing you can do during MRx in Pisces is to slow down and channel any anxious energy into your creativity, transmuting uncertainty into constructive reflection.

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