New Moon January 2019 ~ Creation, Optimism + Dreams –> Reality

Hey hey hey…what’s this? Two posts in two days?
I know, right? LOL
But it was IMPERATIVE because HELLO….A New Moon in Capricorn, combined with a Partial Solar Eclipse (which ALWAYS means change of some kind, and intensity as well) is coming TOMORROW: January 5, 2019… so there’s that.

Nothing like kicking off January and 2019 with a BANG BANG, eh?

New moons are ALL about setting INTENTIONS and so it’s a perfect time to do that as we head into a brand new year. When you add an Eclipse, that will always bring in some unpredictable, change oriented, intense energy…and when it’s a SOLAR eclipse, you are looking at heavily masculine energy, which will mostly address the lower three chakras, and your humanity…survival, power, emotions, sexuality, creation potential and your foundational self. With the heavily YUM YUM energies bouncing around concerning Creation and Joy for 2019, placing your mindset on where you want to go and how you want to get there is mega important. One of the best ways to set intentions that manifest FAST LIKE WHOA is to align your intentions with the energy that already exists in the cosmos…so let’s take a look at what’s being handed to us, shall we?

Mainly, this new moon is going to address the shift into our new energetic alignment as a planet and collective consciousness. If you want more info on how we are shifting this year, and thematic things for 2019, check out my Year in Review post!
The Moon is hanging out with poetic and musical fixed star Vega, and this pairing is also in close alignment with Neptune. This particular set up brings us a SHIT TON (that’s the technical term) of Creative, Muse-based energy.

That being said, it’s placement in Capricorn, plus the addition of a masculine Eclipse, makes this a semi-difficult time to be dreamy, because of the warrior-esque, do anything to get ahead, energy pull. We are talking Spartan-like ambition here, so be very careful in business and love transactions, because the tendency will be to lack empathy, and take a “suck it up buttercup” approach to many things, especially if you feel they are holding you back in any way. You may encounter people (or even your own pull) to be hard, driven and ruthless. On the exact other hand…if you are on the receiving end of this “anything to get ahead” attitude, you may find yourself folding with compassion that may leave you struggling. All of this comes into play in the VERY Capricorn-fueled business of BUILDING and ORGANIZING. There will be many situations and opportunities that will take some level of careful planning and orchestration, with plenty of forethought, and Capricorn is EXCELLENT at these things…just be aware of the Solar Eclipse energy that will tend to provide a bit of shadow pull toward selfishness and leaving everyone around you in the dust. Remember, the solar eclipse will add to the moon energy by showing us where we need to BALANCE ourselves.

There will be wonderful luck for Creators this moon! If you are a hobbyist or in business with you art (regardless of the type of artistry) be prepared for MEGA success when you put your nose to the grindstone and actually focus yourself on Creation from an intended position.  SUCCESS is a major possibility for those in the Spiritual or Creative avenues of life.

This moon is about building and orchestrating the DREAM.  Because of the partnership with Vega, and the eclipse, it’s also a moon of is one of contradiction. It’s both dreamy, but also a very fiercely protective with a strong air of authority.
it’s important to note too…that eclipses are CYCLICAL…the effects of a solar eclipse last 6 months, so you have plenty of time to be inspired by your muse..this energy will carry until July when we enter a new eclipse season and new energy settings…so RIDE that wave of inspiration.
Part of this “architecture” is going to be looking at all the branches of your tree…all the different paths you can take…and figuring out which ones are the right ones. There are always a million options, it’s just about what works and what is going to get you the results you want. It’s about exploring, and the journey. One great aspect of the eclipse will be that it will bring clarity and shed some sunlight on those branches, so your paths forward may become more clear.
Just know that understanding the entire way forward is not going to be see-able when it first emerges. The journey ahead for us this year will take time, patience, and trust in the timing of the events that will unfold. We need to be willing to keep our hearts open and trust our intuition.

2019 holds so much opportunity and potential, and if we listen, and if we take a moment to TAKE THE PAUSE instead of immediately reacting. We WILL hear which way we are being guided to travel. We will answer this current new moon and Solar Eclipse with a juxtaposed Leo Full moon and Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month, and the thoughts, feelings, and actions we take in between the two will communicate to the Universe what our intentions are and how to collaborate with us in bringing in opportunities we are ready for and what things need to be moved out of our way. There is a gleaming, HUGE opportunity for a fresh new, lovely, joy-filled life and all kinds of blessings on the horizon for all of us…the chance to CREATE a new reality that we have only dreamed about previously. It’s OUR job to LISTEN to what we are being guided to do in order to get there. ALL possibilities are on the table and you can get yourself in the forefront of new plans for the future, but you really need to question and let go of any of your old habits and behaviors that you released at the end of 2018, and actively search for and incorporate new and innovative ways to make progress toward what you want.

Love, Light + Creative Energy,



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