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Back to Creation Energy <3

Hey there beautiful #CosmicCreators!
It’s a BRAND NEW YEAR, and if you are anything like me, you were MORE than ready to say #ByeFelicia to 2018!!! Fracking 2018, man. It BLEW.
And ya know why? Because it was an awakening year. That’s right y’all…that 11 was STRONG AS FUCK.
11 is a master number in numerology, and it’s the number of waking the fuck up through major fucking healing. And Bro…it was NOT kidding.
It was a year to build MAJOR foundations, and that meant ripping the original ones apart from the inside out. OUCH. But it was all in the name of building something STRONGER and more in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

So….that being said, it’s now 2019.
What does that mean for us? GOOD SHIT, that’s what.
2019 will see the RISE of the Creatives and a return to Creation Energy!
You see, in numerology: 2+0+1+9 = 12…
1+2 = 3.


Three is the number of creativity. It is jovial (remember how our joy-focused friend Jupiter is in control at present?). It is optimistic. It is highly spiritual and reflects the Divine. It is tolerant, communicative, expressive, and motivated. Three is basically a Creatives best friend.

For the beginning of the year, as I always do…I have tapped into the cosmic to read the energy for the collective (that means the overall cosmic energy for ALL) throughout the year. I do a breakdown of the general energy manifesting for each month, and then a final thematic assessment. I am bringing this reading to you as a way for you to breathe into the forthcoming year and it’s cosmic energies, and glean whatever guidance you and your spirit guides discover as relevant top you purpose and path this year.
Blessed Be ❤

2019 Energetic Forecast

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The first month of the year is coming out of the shit storm of 2018 with a BIG neon reminder to be HERE, in the NOW, and tap into JOY + BLISS. Bliss is BADASS. It fuels EVERYTHANG (if you LET IT). It’s gonna be hard to dig down and find the trust needed to open ourselves back up after getting donkey kicked last year, but January energy will power your dreams for the now and the future if you are willing to take up the mantle. You may be feeling undeserving of bliss. You may be struggling with your past and releasing bliss blockers like regret from your life. If you have been caught up in the everything else…the external bullshit…the internal nonsense…it’s time to STOP. DROP. and BLISS the FUCK OUT. Literally. STOP THAT SHIT. Stop the anxiety, the worry, the stress and drop into the things that bring you JOY. Breathe. Get on your yoga mat. Watch a movie, read a book, spend time with your loved ones, laugh your ass off. Your soul NEEDS THIS. If you have been taking on tasks that feel soul-sucking, STOP. If you are always worrying about the future and your next step, STOP. Your soul NEEDS BLISS.
Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about pretending or faking it, this isn’t about brushing stuff under the rug, especially when you feel like CRAP. This is about FINDING the yummy stuff. And it doesn’t have to be perfect. You just need to let the bliss you CAN tap into, be ENOUGH.
January reminds us to stop blocking our own happiness. It reminds us to slow down and take the pause long enough to enjoy the moment. It reminds us to FIND what brings us joy and schedule time for it as if your life depends on it…because it does.
Surprise gifts, renewed partnerships and relationships with you and others, you and your Higher Self, and you and the Divine, as well as collaborations in business or creation may pop up for you this month!

In the second month, we are reminded that creating magic is really about your frame of mind, and in reality, it happens when you MOST expect. That’s right…when you MOST expect it. We are Sacred Creators and we work in conjunction with a powerful force within the universe…the Divine. The Source Creator, whether that’s God, or the Cosmos itself. We live in a world of not-so-magical “coincidence”, full of structure and rules…but if we want MAGIC, we need to be willing to accept that it is THERE, and allow it to exist. Because it IS, and it DOES. We need to EXPECT it. You may be in a state of manifestation stagnation…this happens when you desire your dreams but you focus on your fears. It crosses signals and the Law of Attraction can’t do it’s job, so it throw it’s arms up in the air and says “WTF?”.
February reminds us to pay attention to the SIGNS that the universe so willingly gives. Don’t miss out on serendipity because you are too focused on “reality”. Watch for the magic. Wait for it, expectantly. Magic shows up when we MOST expect it…but often in the WAY that we LEAST expect it. February is a month for setting intentions toward your big dreams. It’s a month to take action and commit to your dream. It’s a month to TRUST that your dream is coming. It’s a month to EXPECT it to work. It is a month to say “HOLY FUCKING SHIT, this is actually happening. Check in with your thoughts often and make sure they are in alignment with what you WANT and not with what you FEAR.
You may receive new offers, new opportunities, some freebies, chance meetings, and lots of guidance if you are willing to SEE it.

The third month brings us the momentum of CHANGE. The end of one thing and the beginning of another. This is a month of rebirth. A MAJOR phase in your life will be coming to a close, and you will begin to see a bright new moment on the horizon with clarity. Honor the natural cycle of this experience, because it will bring a seriously positive change and a long-awaited cycle of completion. You may find yourself holding on to the past and refusing to let go of outdated things, or feeling like giving up in the face of challenges and difficulties. DON’T DO THAT. One step leads to the next, leads to the next and the steps will be appearing before you that will lead you to your NEW happiness. Don’t resist. You can’t stop the change from happening. It is necessary.
March reminds us that what needs to happen will always happen, that lessons will be gifted even if we don’t see them as beneficial at the time, and these help us become more resilient. March tells us to remember that failure is not failure unless you GIVE UP. Use the lessons you are given to figure out what you need to do to succeed.. SELF-IMPROVEMENT. ALWAYS. Fix what you can, discard what you need to, and upgrade yourself.

In our fourth month, we are again reminded to find our joy! It’s time to harvest what you have been working so hard on. this year is really about cycles of Creation through work and play. Remembering that the best way to Create is to balance the two. This is achieved through an abundance mindset…knowing that it is OKAY to take time off to enjoy your life, and that you don’t have to be serious ALL THE TIME in order to get results. Be careful not to get stuck in fear-based thoughts that keep you from missing opportunities. Ask yourself what you are working so hard for, really? Whatever your answer is…there is where your joy lies. What are you working to FIND?
April reminds us that you are being WATCHED. People are going to be noticing your efforts (good or bad) and this will determine whether they are willing to invest in your or not. This month has the potential to be very lucrative and Creative. Make sure you are ACTIVELY searching for opportunities. Change your internal dialogue if it has been keeping you playing too safe. You WILL find what you SEEK. If you think it will be easy, it will be. If you think it will be hard, then it will be. Remember that. April is a month to take a moment to look around and find the joy all around you.

The fifth month of the year is all about the BIG virtues – bravery, honesty, and faith. This month calls you to really put yourself out there and highlight your personal magic. What makes you, YOU, and why is that a big deal? you need to find your own gold. Whatever you have to offer the world will be on display and you need to play it up this month…and if you do, it will be compelling and inspiring…serving you well. BARE YOUR SOUL, and your brilliance will bring your unlimited potential. Be careful not to hide who you really are or copy someone else, by doing what you THINK people want you to do.
May is all about your personal essence being emphasized, unapologetically. It’s also about remembering that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Success takes TIME. Dreams take TIME. There is NO SUCH THING as overnight success. May wants us to let our weird little lights shine on high-beam. BE HUMAN. Own your imperfect but beautiful nature. Know that anywhere you hold back in your communication and expression of self WILL hurt your creativity. When you are honest with yourself and others, trust builds and faith expands. There are no shortcuts.

At the halfway point of the year, we are called to reflect on the concept of progress, perseverance and determination. Remember, one step ahead is ALL YOU NEED to move forward. Anxiety may start to creep in around now. Whatever you are building, the sixth month reminds us that it’s not about speed…but about progress. One. Step. At. A. Time. It may feel yucky right now to hear that. You may begin feeling impatience, you may not be particularly enjoying your current situation, you may begin struggling against feelings of doubt, wrestling insecurities, or even lack of direction…STOP THAT. Progress is progress, even when it feels like sitting still. Even when it feels like WAITING. One step at a time.
June reminds us that stages are a thing. The journey is necessary. You might feel like you are in a jar of molasses, but believe me, you are moving. Your arrival at your destination is inevitable…you just need to remember that it’s one step at a time. you will get there. PATIENCE. The THREE energy is really, REALLY strong in June, so it’s a good time to tap into your Higher Self and Divine Power. FAITH is needed. BREATHE.

The seventh month gets elemental as it taps into Creative AIR energy. It’s time to bring some magic into your experience through inspiration and curiosity. It’s also time to let go of the fear of change because change is coming like the wind.
July reminds us to ride the wind…open your wings and use your eagle vision. It’s time to look to the future with eyes wide open. Get above everything and really LOOK around. Where does your current path lead and how can you navigate it? See where you need to sidestep. See what you need to avoid. See what will assist you and swoop down to grab it. July encourages us to BREATHE and allow the fresh air to whip around us and nourish our souls. Air is light. it is subtle. It is all things logical and knowledge-based, but it is also the spirit. Use your INTELLIGENCE, guided by the whispers of your soul. What can you SEE and FEEL that will serve you on your journey? Take notice to these things and apply them.

In the eighth month, we are prompted to be BOLD, COURAGEOUS, and stand up in the face of fear by taking risks for the big dream that is now within reach. This is a month where fear is going to pose a BIG threat (but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there IS something to fear…it just means that you are gonna FEEL the fear. You may feel stuck and be afraid to move forward. You may even begin feeling controlled by your fear and the uncertainty that will be fueling it. As a collective, we will be standing at a precipice during this time. OF COURSE, this will coincide with Eclipse season, Lions gate, and Retrogrades galore (whooptie whoop) so the big theme is that be need to challenge the status quo, and step OUT of fear and DO THE THING anyway.
August is going to be a time to release negative thought patterns. It will be a time to access our ability to test our own boundaries and push ourselves out of self-imposed limits and comfort zones, It’s going to be about allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in the face of fear and uncertainty and STILL being willing to be BOLD, even when we don’t have all the answers. August is going to be a month where we are pushed to move, even though we do not feel ready.
You may encounter risks and doors that must be opened to move forward, and they may seem scary. Try your best to focus on your BIG DREAM and make your vision so bright that fear cannot stand a chance against making it happen.

September – KEYWORD: SHIFT
The ninth month will bring us a BIG shift, not just in energy, but also in focus. This month is going be a wake up call…a Creative call to arms, so to speak. As Creatives and Lightworkers, our purpose as a collective will be reignited in a BIG way this month. Everyone will be experiencing a major shift in consciousness and there will be an increase in thought-based awareness and alignment with higher purposes and potentials. This month will pose a need for humility, determination, tolerance, patience, understanding and perseverance. You will be required to let go of expectations and shift your way of thinking to include more empathy and compassion. This month will be the beginning of a HUGE cosmic shift and evolutionary step for human-kind.
September will challenge us to surrender to our spirits. If you begin to feel unsteady or restless it’s because you are being more cautious than the Universe wants you to be. For those who answer this call to arms, you will become a catalyst and trigger to those around you. Expect some unrest. September is going to ask you to take some Creative risks. Be sure to engage MEGA amounts of humility and gratitude (SIT DOWN. BE HUMBLE). This shift will remind us that life is NOT something to merely REACT to, but to CREATE as we see fit, actively and with intention and purpose. Hold on tight because you will likely experience a RAPID increase in personal awareness and growth. LIVE IN LOVE. Let everything else fall away.

The tenth month brings us our phoenix moves…the magic of rebirth, second chances and do-overs. This month brings us new opportunities and the ability to step into our collective and individual potential. With rebirths and new chances come endings, so you will likely be experiencing an end to something in your life, and it may or may not be a pleasant one. This is a time for BIG announcements, and it is also a time to know when to stop pushing, It’s a time for discernment of reaction, and you get to decide HOW you rise and WHAT changes. In these decisions, be sure to make BETTER decisions that will have better outcomes.
October may bring with it some exhaustion from the uphill battle that is successful forward movement and creation. It may also bring exhilaration for the new changes and the fresh starts that may be upon you. October reminds us to take care of ourselves. Practicing self-care is essential. Working your mindset like a positivity warrior is also essential. Remember that THIS is your Creative RISE, and how it presents is mostly up to you.

The eleventh month of the year is always a magical one, bringing with it awakened energy and pivotal portals for potential. This year, this month is all about looking for the silver linings, the loopholes, and the solutions. There will be a tendency to focus on limitations, and seeing them as permanent, but it is important to remember that they are temporary and movable, so you do NOT have to settle for less…but you will be tempted to. This month is about possibility and seeking out the innovative ways to make things happen. When you search for the positive, it will be right in front of you. While Creating whatever it is that you are Creating, there will be hurdles, but when these hurdles appear, November’s energy will remind us to look for solutions…access the actual situation and determine what you can change in order to overcome obstacles. November’s lesson is one of viewpoint: when life happens TO you, the difficulties you face are someone else’s fault, making it seem insurmountable (you have no control after all), but when life happens FOR you and WITH you, you are able to see how YOU created the obstacles, and that allows you to see how you can REMOVE them. November reminds us to be inspired by setbacks…inspired to INNOVATE! Inspired to CREATE new opportunities. Inspired to let go of self-imposed limitations. This month is one of Creation even if it doesn’t seem like it, because you will be creating SOLUTIONS to perceived hindrances. PUSH THROUGH THE FENCES AND CREATE. Find unique and amazingly inspired solutions that you wouldn’t have been able to figure out otherwise. November will challenge you to believe that you are not bound by anything…even if it feels restrictive…even if it feels preventative…even if you feel defeated. This too shall pass. It’s time to get CREATIVE and brainstorm with the Universe.

As we enter the twelfth and final month of 2019, and of course, wade through the final Retrograde season of the year…we will be called on to be introspective and integrate all that we have experienced throughout the year. How poetically perfect, no? This month will be calling us back to center…to spend time alone with our thoughts, nurture our spirits, and spend time deciphering our inner-knowing, instinct and intuition to Create a WHOLE from the parts. There will be a tendency to begin feeling isolated, and this will be a major indicator to reach out to others for help and support. BIG warnings from the universe to trust your gut during this time, and remember your deepest goals. DO NOT ISOLATE YOURSELF. While introspection and self-care will be important, it is equally important not to be a hermit. Use this month to allow your instincts to guide you in ALL things.
December is going to be all about going deep within your inner core knowing and doing what FEELS right. You have every single answer you need deep inside of you…but you must take caution as the year closes not to draw upon past experience, but upon ancient inner wisdom, and apply it to your PRESENT. Do not project judgement from old wounds onto your present…use your gut and trust it. December will test your ability to discern anxiety from intuition. This is why December is all about introspection and integration…you must learn to listen to your heart and tune OUT the opinions of others…focusing on what is right for your spirit. Activate your inner sage this December, and hone your ability to Create your world. Integrate yourself and your parts…all your knowledge…into your plan and your life. You can no longer compartmentalize.
As we move into 2020 — a 4 year — a very PRACTICAL year — you will need to learn how to integrate into a WHOLE version of self, and that means learning to love ALL OF YOURSELF, and incorporating both your light and your shadow into every single thing you do.

Overall Theme for 2019 – Getting back into Creative FLOW
This is a year to get back to CREATION ENERGY.
The element of WATER pervades the thematic energies of this year, inciting images of flow…the productive, seductive life-force energy of the SACRAL, steeped in emotions and juxtaposed with the beautiful flow of the THIRD EYE and our Intuition and Vision.
It’s time to get back to basics. Water..the basic building block of LIFE itself.
CREATION at it’s roots.
2019 is one gigantic reminder that we have all the sparks of Creation energy that we need to CREATE what we want within our reality, but we need to get out of our own way in order to do it. Get rid of the shoulds, and coulds. Throw logic overboard. Let’s get down to brass tacks and face facts…YOU are a being Created to CREATE.
Get in FLOW with your own natural purpose, your own natural alignment, your own natural tendency……TO CREATE > Unapologetically, and with reckless abandon.
Love, Light + Creative Energy to you!


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