New Moon January 2019 ~ Creation, Optimism + Dreams –> Reality

Hey hey hey...what's this? Two posts in two days? I know, right? LOL But it was IMPERATIVE because HELLO....A New Moon in Capricorn, combined with a Partial Solar Eclipse (which ALWAYS means change of some kind, and intensity as well) is coming TOMORROW: January 5, 2019... so there's that. Nothing like kicking off January and… Continue reading New Moon January 2019 ~ Creation, Optimism + Dreams –> Reality

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Back to Creation Energy <3

Hey there beautiful #CosmicCreators! It's a BRAND NEW YEAR, and if you are anything like me, you were MORE than ready to say #ByeFelicia to 2018!!! Fracking 2018, man. It BLEW. And ya know why? Because it was an awakening year. That's right y'all...that 11 was STRONG AS FUCK. 11 is a master number in… Continue reading Back to Creation Energy ❤