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Full Moon in Cancer ~ Yummy Vibes, Cozy Emotions, Happy Surprises

Lovely Moonchildren and Cosmic Creators! It is that time again for our lady moon to reveal her splendor in the final Full Moon of 2018, and given that this entire year has been a gigantic FUCK YOU from the universe to all our outdated ego-based bullshit, and has made most of our lives a nightmare…it’s about damn time the universe gives back a little for all the growth we’ve been forced into and all the crap we’ve been forced to own up to…and that’s EXACTLY what this moon is: a gift!

The coming Full Moon on December 22nd (sitting pretty right alongside the Winter Solstice) will be in zero degrees Cancer, which means an emotionally clean slate….SWISH…as in clear that shit. All that emotional baggage…this is the reset button, loves ❤

Cancer’s ruling “planet” is the Moon! Go fig! It represents the personal self, the feelings, emotional dealings and the unconscious/subconscious. This moon, therefore, will deal with releasing emotional baggage accrued over the year and all the blah that no longer serves our personal, individual self. This will not be a shell-shocker/world-rocker like the rest of the moons this year…it will be a cozy, warm and fuzzy hug at the end of a year of foundational rebuilding and trials. This full moon gives us the gift of relaxation, breath, and clearing the table of all the dust and BS from the year to make way for the coming New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn in January…our big bursting (and probably difficult) last push into our new, exciting, beautiful 2019 adventure.

This moon brings with it excitement, positive change and pleasant surprises. Unlike the last few moons, this one isn’t hanging out with the oppositional’s high-fiving with Uranus, making it much easier to run the other direction from drama and angry nonsense. It’s also joining up with Betelgeuse in Orion, which is connected with power, honor and wealth. New mindsets can and will bring about happy surprises with your career, money and personal relationships at the end of the year. Venus + Neptune are also creating a fun little coupling that will have a strong influence on the full moon and is a super good omen for your love life, presenting delicious opportunities for those who are single and a boost in romance, connection and joy for those who are coupled. Your love life will benefit from increased tenderness, intimate connection on all levels, and compassion.  Not a bad time to explore Sacral work and tantric healing.  This is also an incredibly strong time to work toward Creative ventures and projects! Whose excited?

So, jump on those opportunities and follow your intuition, because it will be running full force, and stronger than normal, thanks to the intuitive and subconscious nature of Cancer. Your third eye is going to get a good clearing and activation surge (BAM), so utilize that clarity to resolve lingering issues whose solution has eluded you previously, and put your finger on issues that you have previously not been about to pin down. Prepare to receive flashes of insight on several levels and stumble upon critical information that will help you to improve many aspects of your life.

Your emotions might seem a little out of the ordinary and topsy-turvy, but hold fast to the awesome fact that this is normal for influential Cancer energy, and it will give you the ability to show another side of your personality that you’ve felt has been on the back-burner this year.  The coolest and most reassuring part of all of this is that this moon is going to make it MUCH easier to share your feelings with loved ones! It is VERY likely that you have felt extremely held back in your self-expression…if not by others, than by yourself…perhaps not being able to express and articulate yourself and your emotions/needs like you have been able to do in the past…maybe even feeling like your brain has been on vacation. Especially after the anger and hostility you have likely been feeling in recent weeks (thanks Mars…asshat). This is also a good full moon to break old habits and replace them with something new and beneficial.

This full moon is really about a return to consistency, reliability and responsibility regarding our own emotional health…returning ourselves to a position of compassion, caring, love and the importance of family, home, and belonging…regardless of what is going own externally. That’s right, REGARDLESS of what BULLSHIT you are dealing with situationally.  HOLY MACKEREL!
Expect to find PEACE that has been missing this year. Expect to be able to make sense of that which has not made sense. Expect love to increase and become clear where it has been clouded. Expect to be able to express that which has been difficult to express. Expect things to finally CLICK back into place, but at a new, progressed level. Expect important relationships top be renewed. Expect self-image and self-esteem to be heightened as we return to ourselves. Expect your professional life to bring positive and/or surprisingly positive change. Expect outstanding and problematic financial issues essential for our security to resolve for the good. Expect living situations to improve. Expect a lifting of heaviness.

Let us shout out a communal and resounding YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ❤

Happy Holidays and Happy Full MOON!



1 thought on “Full Moon in Cancer ~ Yummy Vibes, Cozy Emotions, Happy Surprises”

  1. Love this!! I really needed to hear this cause this year really has been shit. I was just telling Patti that I need to make some changes this coming year and this post just confirmed that my brain is already on the right track! Thank you Ginger! ❤

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