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Full Moon in Gemini ~ Mind Your Temper


It’s that time again – time for a FULL MOON…but not just ANY Full Moon. That’s right…get ready because this particular Full Moon is gonna cause a holy hellfire of shit. YAY!

The November Full Moon is going to be sitting in Gemini, one of the most temperamental signs of the zodiac (move over Scorpios, you’ve been dethroned). Gemini, otherwise known as The Twins, is a sign that symbolizes the mutable, expressive and quick-witted double personality of those who live under this sign. Gemini has the tendency to present one minute as a joyful, lively, fun and outgoing individual, then seemingly without warning, make a sudden turn to introspection, restlessness, and sometimes even paranoia. At its best Gemini is a playful confidant that is always available, open and up for a good time…at its worst, a possessive, emotionally-guarded stalker.

Knowing this, it’s no surprise that Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of COMMUNICATION. We are all aware of the effects of the dreaded Mercury Retrograde (MRx) on communication efforts. Hello expressive breakdown. Hiya lack of emotional control. Aloha interaction disruption. Good morrow understanding and patience devastation.
Gemini, because of its position in the zodiac, is juxtaposed with the current zodiacal sign: Sagittarius. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion. This is important because we JUST entered a new 12 year astrological cycle in in 2017 which is being ruled by, guess who…JUPITER. We also experienced Jupiter coming home to its sun sign, Sagittarius on November 8th, where it will sit until December 2019…so basically Jupiter is ON POINT and not messing around with its influence. This is GREAT for Sagittarians…not so great for Geminis.

SOOOOO… here is what makes THIS Full Moon a complete bitch.

Not ONLY are we going to be experiencing a Full Moon (which means RELEASE and LETTING GO of old baggage and bullshit…which translates roughly to: all your old stuff is gonna be brought up and thrown in your face to deal with…oh yeah, and just for good measure we are gonna amplify any shit that is going on right now that is going mess with the particular position we are in…which right now is Gemini – i.e. COMMUNICATION ISSUES), but we are ALSO going through Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius, with Jupiter ruling its domain like WHOA.

So in plain English, what does all this mean?

You’ve got Mercury (planet of communication) in retrograde (appearing to be moving backwards) in the sign of Sagittarius (sign of optimism, adventure and curiosity) which = communication issues. You are going to have to pay really close attention to how you are interacting with others and yourself and be aware that you are going to be restless in your need to achieve progress and growth, and this can make your interactions (yours going out toward others, and those coming in toward you) hasty and fiery.
MRx = a time to reflect on and deal with all your subconscious, ego-based communication barriers and issues in order to grow in your ability to relate and interact with others in a more universally compassionate way.

You’ve got a Full Moon (moon phase of release and letting go) in Gemini (sign of communication) which = a double whammy of communication issues.
Full Moon in Gemini = a time to face all your communication hang ups that keep you from expressing yourself, being authentically you, speaking your truth, feeling heard and understood, and developing trust in openness and vulnerability with others.

You’ve got Jupiter (the planet of abundance and expansion) ruling not only the astro cycle (a new age/phase of life…new beginning), but also sitting in it’s home of Sagittarius (sign of optimism, adventure and curiosity) which = the requirement to expand and push limits.

For fun, let’s just throw in the fact that Gemini is an Air sign, and Sagittarius is a Fire sign…and we all know what happens when these two elements mix.

Sagittarius Season on FULL BLAST for the first time in years in Juxtaposition with a Gemini Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde = FML.
It’s the PERFECT storm of internal and emotional tug-of-war, with a side dish of miscommunication, assumptions, and impatience.

As if this wasn’t enough…
We JUST came out of a VERY intense Venus Retrograde in Scorpio on the 16th (and we are still in the shadow of that experience). Venus being the planet of Love, some of our most important ties were up on the chopping block, making us question our closest relationships: family, friends, and especially lovers. Deep rooted issues of love, sex, abandonment and trust were shoved in our face, ex’s may have made a reappearance either in real life or in dreams – seemingly out of nowhere – rubbing salt in those open wounds…just for the hell of it, and we are all no doubt still feeling that shit. NOW, coming off of that, we are barreling right into a round of MRx and we have to deal with communication issues with those SAME people we were just feeling some sort of unstable way about, which can bring up feelings of perceived distance and disconnect between you and your closest and most intimate support systems.


So here’s the moral of the story…this is NOT meant to scare you all. This is meant to EMPOWER YOU.
2016 was meant to make you question everything.
2017 was meant to spark new beginnings.
2018 was meant to help you burn everything to the ground and start building a NEW foundation to move you forward into the things you began in 2017…
and 2019….it’s a year of BIG change and EXPANSION in to a bright and abundant new future based around that foundation.
Change comes with discomfort and disruption. That is what this year has been all about…it’s been a year of peeling away layer after layer of faulty groundwork and replacing it with a higher consciousness. An upgraded version of self that will allow us to move into this new beginning, this new future with SOLID footing in a NEW vibe that will serve you moving forward into this new abundant, Jupiter-led cycle.
That has also meant a purging of ego, a purging of the past, a purging of connections, jobs, etc. And DAMN, it’s been HARSH. But know that as we move into 2019 at the end of next month…what you have in your hands NOW is meant to be watered and nurtured, and any hardship you are facing is meant to reshape YOU into a person who is going to THRIVE in this new phase of life. That means letting go of all that past bullshit and ego stuff that has held you back, and that will continue to hold you back in your current situation if you don’t let it go.

This is really the final push (aka slap in the face) from the universe to get you ready for a MASS release of ego next month…and it’s GOTTA be let go if you want abundance and expansion in 2019. There are some PAINFUL truths being revealed about yourself right now…many demons you must face, and it SUUUUUCKS. Let’s not lie, these things are going to be like giant horse pills…hard to swallow, but it’s necessary. It needs to happen, and it needs to happen NOW. Past truths we held tightly to about ourselves (especially ones planted there by others) need to be redefined, released and realigned.
It’s a shot of clarity, with the Full Moon sitting at 0 degrees in Gemini…this signifies the blank canvas that is your life as you enter this new phase. There are infinite possibilities and creative energy circulating.
This moon will open up your throat chakra and third eye (if you let it), and instigate a new embrace of self authenticity that you may have been avoiding or wrestling with.  It will also activate the energy of duality…twin energy, light + shadow, masculine + feminine, ego + soul. Ultimately, it will allow us to learn how to communicate between both sides of ourselves, how to bridge the gap and the discrepancy between where we have been and where we are headed. No more fighting our Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde counterparts against one another…but reconciling them to work together at our highest vibe for our highest good.

There are some ROUGH waters that are gonna hit us with this Full Moon, and it’s, quite frankly, going to feel like getting sand in your nether-regions.
While this moon, with the help of Jupiter and Mars, may carry some seriously brave energy that will help you to feel powerful, sexy, and give you back some of the mojo you undoubtedly feel had been stolen by Dr. Evil at the beginning of the year, but it also brings in HUGE potential for bitterness, resentment, anger, frustration, impulsiveness and emotional upheaval regarding relationships if you allow any of the aforementioned feels to overtake your better judgement.
The influence of Jupiter against the moon in Gemini is likely to cause lack self-control.  This full moon will be more problematic if you already have difficulty with self-control, especially when it comes to communication efforts. You may react to others people’s perceived possessive behavior by subconsciously falling into negative habits and behaviors that the universe it actively trying to get you to DROP like its hot. Stay vigilant and when you see this happening…check yo’self before you wreck yo’self…and others along with you.

This moon truly has the potential to bring out the WORST in all of us (but, in true dualistic/twin/Gemini fashion, it also has the potential to bring out our BEST), and it really depends on how committed you are to letting go of all the personal bullshit holding you down and keeping you in old patterns. Again, this is going to feel like an internal tug-of-war and it will likely lead to feelings of being silenced and misunderstood, or feeling like you are damned if you do, damned if you don’t. These feelings are at the forefront because you are wrestling with letting go of masks, of anything inauthentic to your new vibe, and of the “old you” that is fighting DAMN hard to stay front and center like the egotistical bastard they are. It is not good to bottle that shit up, but it is equally harmful to spew it out or hold resentments because of it. You may feel pushed or rushed to choose/make decisions/speak up and out NOW or not at all, but Mercury (ruler of this Moon) is retrograde right now in Sagittarius (it’s opposite).  You’ll want to run faster/accelerate further, but all the info is in flux, and you may even be returning to something from the past and dealing with something behind you, rather than what IS…which can prove dangerous if reckless and impulsive action is taken.

This is a time for stamina and tenacity. For holding your ground. For remembering the principle that you do not have to be confrontational in order to speak your truth. For controlling your reactions and your interactions. For truth with tact. For opening up your vulnerability and reestablishing connections. Don’t give in, don’t give up, and don’t let your ego win.

No fear, friends…
No being all like, DAMN, welp, I’m hibernating until this crap is over!
Use this info to access your feels, and your situations…things that have been occurring both externally and internally, and recognize where your soul is trying to purge ego aspects, and where you are being asked to expand.

Love , Light + Creative Energy,
G ❤

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