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Age, Time + Creative Youth

I am 33 years old.
I grew up in an age where technology was recording the top 40 from the radio on your boombox and being super proud when you could cut the song without chopping off the end.
I was thrilled to play and CRUSH the first incarnation of Mario Kart on Super Nintendo (I was a BEAST…still am…don’t test).
I lived through the FIRST wave of boybands (think NKOTB…the teen years)
I never owned a home computer or a cell phone until I went to college.
I wore Chuck Taylors back when they were $11 a pair and they were no big deal.
We called friends on the phone and passed notes in class, because texting didn’t exist.
I watched the twin towers fall on TV with sadness during my 2nd period “Modern American Problems” class my senior year of high school, and didn’t miss the irony.

I am 33 years old…but I don’t feel like it.
My body feels fluid and flexible, elastic and energized.
(Thank you water, yoga, fresh whole foods + fresh air)
My mind is stronger and sharper…all the knowledge of my years, but still rockin’ the humor of a 12 year old boy.
(Thank you inherent sense of humor and willingness to take life lightly, knowing and trusting in the laws of universe)
My emotional wellness is on point, just self-centered enough to know the value of self-care when it comes to centering my empathetic gifts.
(Thank you personal development, resiliency, and all the crappy things that helped push me to grow and be BETTER than I was the day before…to be ME and to stop freaking comparing myself to other people)
My energy is aligned and beautiful, as I stand in my soul’s purpose…strong and sure.
(Thank you Divine intervention, thank you Universe, thank you God, thank you thank you thank you)

All of this combined helps me to chill the frick out, have fun, LAUGH, be silly, speak out (and not give an EFF who is watching or what they think), dance, sing, go wild…

I am 33 years old and I feel younger now than I did at 17.
There is magic in releasing all the things that other people told you that you were, or that you couldn’t be…
In knowing that with age comes the ability to grow into your calling, your intuition, your skin…
In fully embodying the YOU that has always been there waiting for you to get your shit together and honor your essence.

Damn straight I have whipped cream fights in my kitchen.
Damn right I dance like a crazy mofo to Despasito in my living room.
You better believe I am gonna enjoy a cup of coffee when I want, or a drink when I want…and not feel bad about it. NO FUCKS GIVEN.
Yep…I’m gonna be that 30+ wearing crop tops, booty shorts and bright blue hair, because I freaking can.
OMG, you better believe I will totally use any excuse to bust out some glow sticks.
Sure thing I will be going to concerts and festivals, rolling in glitter and moshing, crowd surfing + dancing ’til dawn.
100% I will run through the rain and jump in puddles with my daughter and track mud all through the house.
Heck yes I will giddily talk to my best friends on the phone until 1 AM about ridiculous things that don’t matter, and simultaneously discuss existence and the depths of the human soul like it’s my job (because to be fair it kinda is, LOL)
You better believe I am going to invest my heart and soul in my art, writing and music, whether it’s the “responsible adult/practical” thing to do or not. Holla.
I WILL sing at the top of my lungs to 90s jams the ENTIRE time I am in the car on a road trip to who knows where, and completely annoy the shit out of the driver.
I AM going to fully embrace my inner party girl…my inner moonchild…my inner wild woman….and my inner goddess.
I commit to always telling my friends “I LOVE YOU” obnoxiously loud, hugging too tight, kissing cheeks (and sometimes lips), dancing on tables and making a general scene with the people I roll with.
I fully intend to wear my unicorn and batman onesies until I’m dead.
I will NOT shy away from admitting my slightly disturbing obsession with Daniel Radcliffe (Oh, Harry )
I promise not to lose my ability to make the occasional frivolous purchase, spontaneous travel plans, and radically insane leaps of faith.
I HOPE……………always and in all ways.
Freaking yaaaaaasssss I will puke glitter and rainbows and sunshine, because life is too damn short to focus on what could go wrong all the time. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
I will absolutely speak however and in whichever manner I wish to speak…including the swears, and using words like YOLO (yep I went there), regardless of how ridiculous it makes me sound. YOLO!!!
I will host and attend costume parties for reasons other than Halloween. Why don’t more people do this…seriously though?
Heck yeah I watch cartoons, play video games, use cheesy pick up lines, share ridiculous puns, and laugh WAY to hard at lame ass jokes.
I will continue to believe that respect is a human right, as is love, and trust. Maybe that’s idealistic…but hey…I’d rather give unconditional love, respect and trust to people and find out that I was horribly wrong, than withhold basic human decency until they somehow (by what yardstick I wonder?) measure up to “good enough”.
I will dance in the rain, howl at the moon, know that I am never too good to be taken down a notch, and know that I am always capable of anything I choose.
I swear to always stare longingly into sunsets, breathe in the sunrise, and make my hand do the snake in the wind out the car’s side window.

I am 33 years old..
But my heart, my soul and everything in me is YOUNG AF.
And while my body, mind and spirit may age…
I intend to live each day like time doesn’t matter…
Because really… doesn’t. 

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