Personal Development

8 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Unicorn

We are each uniquely created in our own special way, and not one other person on the planet is exactly like me or you. You have your own one-of-a-kind strengths, weaknesses, pet peeves, personality traits, character, likes, dislikes, desires, dreams, hopes, fears, attitudes, experiences, preferences, beliefs and a worldview that allows you to experience and influence the world in a way that no other person has been or will ever be able to again. friend...are a unicorn. Learn how to tap into that potential!

Personal Development

Dream BIG: Let Go of Self-Limiting Beliefs

"I wish I could..." "That would be nice, BUT..." "If only..." "Someday...maybe...when we win the lottery (insert half-hearted chuckles here)" How many times have phrases like these crossed your lips? How many times have you had a glimpse, thought or vision of the future that you wanted, only to stop yourself short, back yourself down… Continue reading Dream BIG: Let Go of Self-Limiting Beliefs


10 Ways to Create a New YOU for the New Year

Happy New Year! We anxiously watched the ball drop last night, ushering in a new year, full of possibilities. We counted down the seconds until the first breath of the first minute of the first blank page of 2016...ready to start writing our new chapter. Here it is, the 1st Day of a brand new… Continue reading 10 Ways to Create a New YOU for the New Year