New Year, New Blog!

Well, here I sit. December 24th…Christmas Eve. It’s 2:30 AM and my husband and daughter are all a-snooze upstairs, while am tasked with the dreaded sprint to make sure everything is in order and packed for our holiday road tour, but I don’t mind. I AM more than happy to let hubs sleep since he is taking our lives in his hands behind the wheel and on the open road at the bright and chipper hour of 4 AM. Also,
I like this time of night.
I like the quiet. I like having some me time (and yes, the organizational freak in me considers this ME time). I don’t get much me time. As a busy wife, mom to a toddler, entrepreneur and home-business owner, as well as a student, my days are usually not my own, so this…well, it’s a welcome break; plus, I can sleep in the car.
Does anyone else find that the hardest thing about packing is committing to outfits? I personally like having the option of my entire closet, but alas…I must CHOOSE. Sigh…
I am looking forward to the end of the year hustle, bustle and wrap-up because it brings with it the excitement of a new year, and a new year brings new opportunities.
I have been blessed to embark on this new adventure into blogging, for…while I have been a blogger for many year before on personal platforms and guest blogs, I am finally taking the steps to start blogging about my business! I can’t wait to share my story, my dream, and my passion with you!

♡ Ginger

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